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AGCC is also establishing its mechanical Division. In this respect, the company is having appropriate facilities. The division of the company is located in Jubail Industrial city. The division separate offices are also located within that compound.

The company within a short span of time would be able to undertake the following:

  • Equipment
  • Machinery
  • Product lines
  • Pump compressors
  • Piping components
  • Future Project Attitudes

AGCC having crystal clear concept in mind going side by side with market current trends will be having comprehensive capability in the near future to:

  • Devise and design practices and procedures.
  • Implementation of these designs and practices successfully within the time limits.
  • Capable of handling all design tools pertaining to any discipline and scope of work independently.
  • The division will diversify its approach on multiple systems or product lines pertaining strictly to its parameters and not outside that specific regulation.

Keeping in view the above, our Mechanical Division will be having expertise to offer:

  1. Gas Pipelines.
  2. Pipe/structure fabrication/installation.
  3. Plant maintenance/shutdown activities.
  4. Project erection and commissioning activities.

Fabrication Facilities:

We are integrating various components for our mechanical division and in the near future, our company will be able to perform field maintenance and projects erection of all kinds of piping, structure fabrication and sites installation. The company can devise a master plan for mechanical systems as well as for health care. It is also very important to note that we as a team work to fetch economies of scale to decrease the marginal unit cost as we progress in the project. Our field maintenance system works by default to reduce the periodic costs of our clients i.e. commonly known as cost effective approach.

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